American Seals Inc. is located in the state of Florida in the U.S. We have been in the business of developing, designing, manufacturing, and distributing security seals for over 30 years.

Currently, because of the global economic crisis, the demand for black-market goods has exponentially increased. Cargo theft is a very low-risk / highly profitable type of criminal activity with a minor criminal penalty. Of the stolen products only less than 20% are ever recovered. Previous reports show the stolen goods account for 15-30 billion dollars yearly in the U.S alone. If such cargo is secured properly the chances of it being stolen decreases significantly.

Our security seals such as our bolt seals, cable seals and locking bar seals just to name a few go through a very rigorous testing process to ensure the high quality of our product and the safety of our clients cargo.

At American Seals, “Security is our first priority”