Bar / Barrier Seals – Seaforce® 1-Model X-009 Disposable/Two Applications ($18.30 per unit)


U.S. PATENT # 7,044,512 – # 8,056,945

High-Security ISO PASS 17712:2010

$18.30 each unit (10 units per box)

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– The Seaforce® 1 model X-009, can work as first option for instance, by using a temporary seal meanwhile the container is being loaded and has to stay overnight at the loading bay, then the following day, by removing the temporary seal you can continue to load the container. When done loading, the final seal can be placed.

It can also be used when there are many checkpoints from your point of origin to the port, so what you have to do, is each time you are required to open your container/trailer just remove the temporary seal avoiding the cutting of the bar. When the final inspection is made then you can place the permanent seal on the Seaforce® 1 X-009. There are many applications, we leave the rest to your needs and imaginations. This feature is protected under U.S. Patent number 8,056.945

– In addition, only the Seaforce® 1 X-009 comes with random password names, giving each component a proper name with more than 100,000 random combinations. This advantage is to help the fight against counterfeiting and partial replacement. Which by the way, these passwords are only known by the shipper and the receiver because they do not need to be officially published in the cargo documents. This feature is protected under U.S. Patent number 7,044.512.


  • Heavy duty
  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Consecutive numbered
  • Safety random “passwords” on each component.
  • Two-way use (ask how)
  • Disposable
  • Other protective features not displayed for security reasons
  • CTPAT and ISO PAS 17712 : 2013 Certified


  • 1 Carton / 10 Units
  • Weight 42lbs./ 19kgs.-Carton size
  • 20 1/2″ x 11″ x 6 1/2″(52.07cm x 27.94cm x 16.51cm)


  • Shipping containers
  • Truck trailers
  • Railcars

Common keywords: bar seals, barrier seals, bar seal for shipping containers, bar seals for truck containers

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions20.5 × 11 × 7 in


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